A calendar for the month of March, 2021.
A calendar for the month of March, 2021.

We have a new “Community” page: https://sigchi.org/community/ to offer members a space to share information and updates within SIGCHI. Right now it has (1) our events calendar, (2) our holidays calendar, (3) the Voices of SIGCHI blog feed, and (4) a call for SIGCHI Development Fund proposals and suggestions to help augment this page in a way that supports SIGCHI communities better. Expect to see more about our Equity Talks here soon!

1. Events Calendar: This is a community-sourced events calendar, aiming to foster stronger virtual ties across our multiple and diverse communities, especially during COVID. We blogged about it

March 8, 2021 @4.30pm GMT

The next SIGCHI Equity Talk will be on Making SIGCHI Accessible, on March 18, 2021 @4pm GMT (in your time zone) with Zoom/Sli.do for participation.

Thank you to Kashyap Todi, for integrating the ASL video feed!
An image of sketch notes from the session, essentially capturing the summary in the text of the post.
An image of sketch notes from the session, essentially capturing the summary in the text of the post.
Thank you, Miriam Sturdee, for sharing your exquisite talent with us!

In this first of the roundtable dialogue series on equity, we built on conversations from the past on how we must do more — to recognize that we are not only a western, a US, a Global North organization, and to build HCI capacity so as to be inclusive of all people, cultures, and geographies, fostering global solidarity. …

ET#6: Research and Practice — May 5, 1600 GMT (see it in your time zone) (Zoom/Sli.do)

As the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) nears the end of its current term, we are putting together a series of community-facing roundtable sessions that we’re calling Equity Talks. These will aim to discuss and summarize a number of equity issues that shape the workings of the EC and the SIGCHI community at large, circling us back to our commitment to listen, reflect, act, and represent made in June 2020:

The task that lies before us is one of weaving equity, inclusion, and solidarity into…

— in conversation with Shaimaa Lazem & David A. Shamma

Shaimaa Lazem, the founding chair of the Cairo SIGCHI chapter, shared her story of how this chapter came to be, and some activities that have been hosted by it since. I report below some highlights from this and other conversations, and join her in celebrating the third birthday of CairoCHI on February 21, 2021!

The Early Days of CairoCHI

It was in February 2018 that Susan Dray and Cliff Lampe, representing the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC), traveled to Cairo. This visit became one of the first SIGCHI Across Borders Initiatives (SABI) events. The aim was to learn about, and support the growth of, HCI’s presence…

A Zoom background image that is an evening shot of the original conference venue: the Shaw Centre Ottawa beside the Rideau Canal.
A Zoom background image that is an evening shot of the original conference venue: the Shaw Centre Ottawa beside the Rideau Canal.
Step 1: Create a Zoom background for your conference and attendees like so! CHI PLAY 2020 was originally to take place at the Shaw Centre, Ottawa, beside the Rideau Canal.

The landscape of virtual conferences remains challenging to negotiate for the best of us, and numerous efforts are afoot to propose new and exciting ways of designing a virtual conference experience — one that provides an inclusive experience, affording maximum engagement, minimally overwhelming families and day jobs, and continuing to create opportunities for the community to grow. The CHI PLAY 2020 conference (with its 372 attendees and 48 full papers) represents a phenomenal effort in this regard. In this post, I report on what made this so, so that other virtual conferences/events may benefit. I draw from an interview conducted…

The SIGCHI Development Fund was introduced by the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC) some years ago to support our globally dispersed community members in organizing events and initiatives to develop HCI voices and conversations less heard. From our call for proposals last year:

“The SIGCHI Development Fund (SDF) is a resource that provides support for the global SIGCHI community to invest in communication, innovation, and expansion around HCI. All SIGCHI members are eligible to apply for funding from the SDF. These proposals for funding must align with one or more of the SIGCHI EC’s Strategic Initiatives.”

In this post, I list…

For a few years now, we have been issuing travel grants to SIGCHI student members. These have been sponsored by three SIGCHI funds: the Gary Marsden Student Development Fund (GMF — for students living and studying in the Global South), the SIGCHI Student Travel Grants (SSTG — for all students, located anywhere), and the Early Career Mentorship Fund for Emerging Communities (ECMF — for early-career professionals from the Global South). We had planned to periodically evaluate and iterate on these funds, and with the current pause in travel, this seemed like a good time. …

In June 2020, when the world was aggressively shifting its official/unofficial events and activities online, we had blogged about plans to put together a calendar of virtual community-organized events for our global membership. This was with the goal of staying connected and engaged in a time of mainly-virtual events, but also so we could forge new connections, learning about HCI activities across disparate cultures and geographies. This community calendar supplements our pre-existing conference calendar. Both have their own calendar feeds, allowing you to subscribe to one or both.

This is what the “upcoming events” page looks like on sigchi.org.

Use the community calendar to check out upcoming events and tune in…

Neha Kumar (Georgia Tech) & Naveena Karusala (UW)

On October 29, 2020, Naveena and I (Neha) were invited by Katta Spiel to talk about citational justice at their public lecture series on critical perspectives on technology. The talk was not recorded but we share an abridged version of it here for those who may like to read and respond, and participate in the next steps we list at the end.

A fist, in green, holding up a pencil. But so much more than that.
A fist, in green, holding up a pencil. But so much more than that.
Thank you for this sketch, Katta Spiel!

We aim to engage our readers in a dialogue on the topic of citational justice in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) — to define what this means, and to create space for…

“Every year, hundreds of associate chairs (ACs) on the ACM CHI program committee (PC) struggle to identify and onboard reviewers, who in turn spend days making sense of the CHI reviewing process. In our *unofficial* reviewing guide (intended to be a living, community-sourced document), we provide a comprehensive list of questions to ask ourselves (and hold others accountable with), in our roles as reviewers, authors, ACs, and subcommittee chairs (SCs) — both new and experienced. This is not official guidance from the SIGCHI Executive Committee, CHI Steering Committee, or CHI 2021 Organizing Committee, but a grassroots community effort to help…

Neha Kumar

Associate Prof at Georgia Tech; Chair of ACM Future of Computing Academy; SIGCHI Vice President at-Large

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